I am available to work with individuals, government agencies, cities, non-profit and for-profit corporations to develop strategies for increasing access to person-centered and effective evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders and mental health disorders. I use a mixed-methods approach with a team of subject matter and research experts.

I have led development, implementation and/or evaluation of mobile health applications, patient/provider health portals, health workforce education programs, patient/client education programs, criminal justice administration education programs, and person-centered care operationalization. Additionally, I have extensively participated in evaluations of federal and state-level policies, such as prescription drug monitoring programs, opioid prescribing laws, and medication-assisted treatment regulation.

Finally, I am available to organize and conduct lectures about health policy, health services, and/or substance use disorder treatment.

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♦  1 (407) 823-5174  ♦  barbara.andraka@ucf.edu  ♦