I am available to work with individuals, government agencies, cities, non-profit and for-profit corporations to develop strategies for increasing access to effective evidence-based medical treatments for substance use disorders and mental health disorders in the local community. I am available to design and conduct research regarding problems and solutions at the intersection of healthcare policy and law. I specialize in health law  and health policy generally, so I am able to consult on a wide array of health topics.

As a researcher in implementation and dissemination science, I collaborate with community stakeholders to address barriers and promote facilitators to evidence-based treatment.  For example, I design strategies for educating practicing health professionals about substance use disorder treatment methods. I also help create legislative and government agency proposals for addressing existing criminal justice and public health problems related to substance use.

Finally, I am available to organize and conduct lectures regarding health policy, product liability law, or F.D.A. law. Corporations may find lectures regarding health care law changes under the complex Affordable Care Act to be particularly useful.


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♦  1 (812) 650-2458  ♦  barbara.andraka@ucf.edu  ♦