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Dr. Barbara "Basia" Andraka-Christou

Assistant Professor, School of Global Health Management and Informatics, University of Central Florida


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Other Honors

  • Awarded the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Award for Best Abstract by an Associated Professional for “Indiana Court Employees’ Attitudes towards Medication-Assisted Treatments for OUD”. April 2019.
  • Identified as “Top Professor” nationally and one of 15 “Healthcare Administration Professors to Know.” MHA Online. 2018. Available at
  • Solo-authored article (“What is Treatment for Opiate Addiction in Problem- Solving Courts? A Study of 20 Indiana Drug and Veterans Courts?”) cited in Federal Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit Opinion. Tri-Cities Holdings LLC et al. v. Tenn. Admin. Procedures Div. et al., No. 17-5628/6046 (6th Cir. Feb. 28, 2018). Available at


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